Jamisne se gode la chate

A genus tends to contain species that have characteristics in common.As this species camouflages itself against the dark mud of its watery home, its small but upwardly positioned eyes are able to see in all directions, enabling the Suriname toad to detect and avoid predators .

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The genus forms the first part of a ‘binomial’ Latin species name; the second part is the specific name.

Of or relating to the immature stage in an animal’s lifecycle, after it hatches from an egg and before it changes into the adult form.

Marriage has been a declining institution among all Americans and this decline is even more evident in the Black community.

Asked about particular groups to which they do not belong, Millennials are about equally accepting of marriage to someone in any of the groups tested: Roughly nine-in-ten say they would be fine with a family member’s marriage to an African American (88%), a Hispanic American (91%), an Asian American (93%) or a white American (92%).

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