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That would explain, for example, its similarity to the portrait of Góngora (Boston, Museum of Fine Arts).

Name: Diego Javier Pacheco Position: Chief Commercial Officer Department: MD’s Office Diego has Fourteen years work experience in Telecom and Banking industries majoring in Marketing and Commercial segments.

Despite a lack of supporting evidence, symptomatic patients often receive repeated courses of antibiotics, which are ineffective.

In the absence of ongoing infection, such symptoms could result from an abnormal immune response.

One of the figures there looks fixedly at the viewer, affirming his authorship of the work, and its comparison to the portrait at the Museo del Prado leaves no doubt that Velázquez was depicting his father-in-law.

The elongated face, wide and clear forehead, prominent nose and most of all, the intelligent and inquisitive gaze are further proof.

Conclusions: Patients with neurobehavioral symptoms following treatment for Lyme disease do not show any evidence of nervous system infection or inflammation.

Objective: To investigate the hypothesis that neurobehavioral symptoms occurring in some Lyme disease patients after treatment are not due to CNS infection/inflammation, but possibly to systemic inflammation.

Background: The etiology of post-treatment symptoms in Lyme disease patients is unknown and neurobehavioral symptoms are often inaccurately attributed to CNS infection.

He previously worked as Head of Business Service Department in CP Bank in 2001 – 2004, Marketing Manager at BISA Bank in 2005 – 2010, then in 2010 he joined Millicom Tigo (Kinshasa –DRC) as Chief Commercial Officer and before joining Airtel Uganda, he was the Chief Marketing Officer for Millicom – Tigo (Tanzania).

Diego holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Bolivian Catholic University La Paz – Bolivia and a Masters in Business Administration (International Marketing) from FH – fur Wirtschaft und Technik Reutlingen – Germany.

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