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The findings of showed a significant relationship between coping strategies and moral values among adolescences involved in pre-marital sex.The results of this study suggest that female adolescents and their parents should receive sex education as an early measure to prevent premarital sex and the diseases related to it. Fulfilling a pledge to serve as the people's lawyer, Brian is focused on keeping communities safe, on limiting environmental damage by polluters, and on protecting Maryland consumers from fraud and predatory business practices.Under Brian's leadership, Maryland became the first state in the nation to issue guidance prohibiting discriminatory profiling by law-enforcement.Prior to his current office, he served in the Maryland General Assembly for 28 years, including 12 as chairman of the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee, where he led the effort to pass gun safety legislation that has been called some of the toughest and most effective in the nation.He also increased protections for victims of domestic violence and expanded the state's DNA database to help police catch criminals.The data was analysed using descriptive statistics.For inferential data, the Pearson Correlation was used.

Brian has received awards from the Sierra Club, American Lung Association, Maryland State Bar Association and the Maryland League of Conservation Voters.He is investigating and prosecuting wrongdoing at all levels involving these and other groups.He is working to promote economic justice by challenging the marketing and debt-collection practices of banks, credit card companies, for-profit colleges and other businesses that prey on working-class families.The participants in this study were 238 inmates from four government rehabilitation centres.Moral Values Inventory for Muslim Adolescences (MVIMA) and Coping Strategy Inventory were used in this study.

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