Updating blackberry to new ver

The country variant is the generic (SIM-free) product for the country in question (i.e. Each variant will show one of three status messages: "available", which means the update is ready for download, "coming soon", which means the update has been approved and will shortly become available, and "waiting for approval", which means the update is undergoing check with Nokia and/or operators.

However, some updates are still waiting for operator approval.The differences are relatively minor, and are all related to hardware capability, rather than being restricted in software.Some of the updates listed above require the installation of new apps or the latest version of an existing app.Windows Phone 8 Update 3 takes the OS version number up to (this can be seen in the "about" module of the Settings app).Microsoft has published its own change log for Windows Phone 8 Update 3, but it is relatively brief, and neglects to mention some of the more interesting minor parts of the update.

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