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The mother-of-one, an early years practitioner, was so devoted to her 20-month-old son Ronnie she even timed her radiotherapy treatment on the morning of his first birthday so he could still have a party in the evening.

Very few British politicians have emerged with honour in the aftermath of last year’s Brexit referendum.

It has been a hallmark of Lord (Peter) Mandelson’s post-ministerial career that he has hawked his services across the world, picking up big cheques along the way.

His links stretch from Russia to China, across Asia and to wealthy Arab nations.

They are appalled by his vehement calls for a ‘clean Brexit’ whereby total separation from the EU is achieved in March 2019.

A phalanx of senior ministers such as Mr Hammond wish Britain to retain membership of key European institutions well beyond that date. Britain can only retain trading relationships with the EU if we agree to remain subject to the supervision and control of Brussels.

Over recent years this flamboyant financier has suffered two bankruptcies and stood trial on 35 charges of fraud, embezzlement and breach of trust in Berlin.

After a plea bargain, prosecutors agreed to drop the fraud charges if Windhorst paid an £850,000 fine, repaid £2.1 million to an alleged victim and admitted a breach of trust offence, for which he got a year’s suspended jail sentence.

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Shamefully, Jeremy Corbyn has betrayed working-class Labour voters (and his own one-time anti-Brussels instincts) by calling for Britain’s continued membership of the Single Market and European Court of Justice This is in contrast to so many senior Tory colleagues — who have been forced to champion Brexit despite having been diehard Remainers until June last year.Mandelson’s ‘advice’ does not seem to have helped Windhorst. At the very least, Mandelson’s relationship with Windhorst throws doubt on his own judgment.Sapinda has had a dreadful past 12 months, though in all fairness it should be noted that the worst of the firm’s tribulations have taken place since his departure. A high-profile investment in video games was soured by reports that employees, creditors and even prize-winners had not received money due to them. Throughout his career he has suffered cruel slurs on his reputation.For that he should be championed — not be the target of a political assassination hit squad.And this weekend, the Nobel Peace Prize winner has been criticised after her troops went on the rampage against her nation’s minority Muslim population, and thousands have been forced to flee into Bangladesh.

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    A.), Wilde is slowing down while working with a stable of highly respected directors.