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The new co-host of ESPN’s “Sports Center” says she has a keen understanding of the legacy that previous anchors such as Chris Berman, Dan Patrick and Stuart Scott have left.“‘Sports Center’ is ESPN’s baby,” said Jemele Hill, who begins anchoring with her former “His & Hers” co-host Michael Smith at 6 p.m. “They’re leaving their baby in the hands of Mike and me.

What we’re trying to do, while being ourselves, is carry on the tradition.”She singles out the late Scott as a particular inspiration.

We just started having this bond and then we’d just talk on the phone a lot.

And at a certain point we were like, what if we could take our own conversations and put it on television?

The funny part was that our mutual friends who were covering both teams, and covering the NBA in general, they thought it would be funny and that it would be a good idea to hook us up.

And I felt that I was plugged in to who the up and coming young journalists were.

I think what probably sets the tone for our show is our relationship. We knew a long time ago that if people wanted a breakdown of the Cover 2 or some of the more intricate analysis about particular sports, they have plenty of things to choose from.

But if they want to laugh, they want to be entertained, they want things that are relatable to their lives— whether they’re intense sports fans or maybe just casual sports fans— I think we’re a good option for them.

In terms of execution, presentation, content, perspective, approach. started at the Boston Globe in 2001, and I was there from ‘01 until ‘04, covering the Patriots and the NFL.

When I came to ESPN in ‘04, my primary role was as an NFL insider. And along the way, like Jemele, I started taking on more television in various roles, I really started off at Around The Horn when I was at the Globe back in 2003.

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