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The Davises were reportedly picking up their son from his college campus for spring break when the shooting happened.

In a press conference Thursday, Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott stated the suspect is facing additional charges for another sexual assault incident that occurred in December 2016 in northeast Columbia.

"He thought he was smart, he had been through the system, he thought he could conceal evidence, that he could do a lot of things to keep himself from getting caught, but he wasn't smart...

He would not have stopped, and that's what the scary part is," Lott said.

Law enforcement doesn't believe the suspect knew either victim, calling the incidents "stranger sexual assault." Additional charges include criminal sexual conduct in the first degree, burglary in the first degree, kidnapping and grand larceny.

Lott says the 2016 sexual assault was reported, and he encourages all victims to come forward so they can catch all the "monsters." The lawyer for a female Toronto police officer alleging she was sexually harassed on the job is urging the forces civilian police board to intervene, claiming his client had to delete a crowdfunding website after being threatened with professional consequences.

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