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----------- On Friday, I delegated a lot of the day's business and took off around noon. I knew a guy named Hank Carlisle, so I looked up his office number and had the secretary call to see if he had time to talk with me. We were still kissing and feeling each other's body 10 minutes later. Give me 15 minutes and then let's spend the rest of the afternoon in bed." Wendy pulled herself out of my arms, picked up her suitcase, and headed into the master bedroom. Quickly, I held up each item so that its image would be recorded on the hidden cameras. " Nothing but moans could be heard on both ends of the line. As soon as I entered, he got up to greet me and offered me a cup of coffee, which I accepted. ----------- Wendy came home a little after noon on Saturday, as expected. Without hesitation, she dropped her bags, and rushed to my arms. The bras and stockings also had some cum stains on them where the man or men had ejaculated over my wife's tits and legs. Judging from the amount of dried cum present, Wendy had either been screwed by several men each time she wore one of the pairs of panties or she had gotten laid by an incredibly randy stud who had pumped huge quantities of cum up her cunt and ass. I've seen the DVD, and she's really built and fucks like a hot whore. Listen, you've been a good friend to me the guys in this unit over the years, but I think I need to tell you that the woman in the DVD looks like your wife.

When I could hold the load no longer, Wendy tightened her cunt around me and literally milked the load into her hungry cunt. CUMMINGG..." We stayed in bed fucking and sucking each other until after dark. " Barton closed the door and sat beside my desk close enough that he could speak softly and still be heard. But I'm not certain yet." "Well, you know that Wendy was with Hawkins and the rest of the staff on a site visit to Kansas on Thursday and Friday.

With the motion sensors I had installed to activate the system, there wasn't a huge amount of recordings that I had to scan.

Turning off the sound, I put the play back on fast forward and started.

To help persuade him, I'm willing to provide a rental fee for the DVD and a finder's fee for you... Finally, I put a few in unlikely, but possible, places like the kitchen, the garage, the whirlpool bath in the master bedroom's bathroom, and living room. When I pulled it out and looked inside, I saw four pairs of panties, two sexy bras, and two pair of stockings wadded up inside.

letting him know that it will be returned early the next day. Wendy and I had used them many times, so I placed several cameras and mics at strategic locations in the den. In addition to the box from Victoria's Secret, there was now a plastic bag beside it.

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