Mark sanchez dating resume

I wonder what they'll come up with this time." That's what I thought, at least. In case you missed the coverage at Deadspin or at the New York Post Wednesday morning, here's a brief rundown of what we know... Along with financial notes on Eliza's father and terms of her parents' divorce, the New York Post printed the girl's full name just a few hours after Deadspin first ran the story, and now we all know that Mark Sanchez slept with a 17 year-old high school girl from Connecticut.

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Mark Sanchez is back starting for a high-profile NFL team, which means he is in the spotlight again after being quiet for over a year while he was recovering from an injury.

I'm just excited that it all worked out the way that I hoped and envisioned. It just felt like that was the place I wanted to be." Sanchez will likely compete with Connor Shaw and David Fales for the backup spot.

The Bears also cut longtime starter Jay Cutler earlier this month. 5 pick in the 2009 NFL Draft has thrown just 109 passes in the last two seasons.

So I guess that's why we're talking about this at all. The Mark Sanchez "scandal" isn't a story about love, like Deadspin said.

It's a story about someone else's story, and how that shapes our understanding of a quarterback for the New York Jets. And the same way the Rex Ryan story turned all of us into amateur foot fetishists, watching a bunch of You Tube videos focused on Michelle Ryan's feet, reading that stupid Mark Sanchez story just left me feeling like that 17 year-old girl probably does today--sort of regretting I ever went to Deadspin in the first place.

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