Chronic fatigue syndrome dating site

The last thing I want is pity or for people to feel sorry for me.I'm as normal as anybody else, except I have to get treatment. So yes, I would date someone with a disease as long as we respected each other and loved each other.As I watched a close family member deteriorate and pass from a chronic disease, by MYSELF, because he wouldn't go viisit or be there for me, I 'suddenly' realized he wouldn't be there if I became an invalid. My blood now is to thick, gave me a blood clot in my artery, walked on it for 6 mos .........leg. but I do disclose it before going out with someone ie meeting for the first time. it is not something that would have to be told till YOU are comfortable with telling them..... Had to figure out for myself that we all have or will have a health crisis at some point in our lives.. TYDana dang it hit the wrong emoticon................lolback to OP I hope we can find someone before we r 85 or I have a looooonng way to got out of the relationship you did........that would have been traumatic...guy I was dating when I got sick hospital after amputation and gave me a dozen roses stayed 15 mins left never to be heard of again....that is what took a bit to get over.However I make the decision to disclose and when to do so when I am comfortable... I would not meet a person that I would not feel comfortable telling after talking with them on the phone several times and hopefully lots and lots of email. I would definitely date someone with a chronic disease. It's kinda hard to make a blanket statement like "yes" or "no" because the circumstances would be so unique. Why not give them a chance they might be someone worth getting to know, instead of writing them off based on a stereo type which may be bull sh*t.If I wait until the 5th or 6th date, isn't that an awful lot like dishonesty???I didn't lie, but I certainly didn't tell the truth.

If a man who I was definitely interested in, didn't know each other or have mutual friends, had his choice between me and PD and a 'healthy' woman who was my equal in every other respect, who would he choose???That is a totally different disease that scares the hell out of me.Even though some people will not be honest with you if they have STD's until it's too late.I have relatives who have various conditions, and I see them doing fine dealing with them.However, the only negative would be if it's something he will die soon from, I am sorry but that would be a bit much for me after having lost loved ones to cancer, etc.

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