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The main connection which led me to this WMG is the simmilarities betwen the The Terrestrial Exalted and the clans who have a Kekkei Genkai, everithing we've seen fits in with the terrestials, I am theorising that something happened and there are no other exalted outside of the terrestrials, no species outside of men, and the border with the Wyld mostly stabilised all "normal" ninja are enlingtened mortals who call esence chakra.From what we've seen of the Uchiha they put a great semnificance on obtaining the sharinghan aka exalting taking the second breath receveing esence/powers above "normal" humans,receveing extra training and probably a great stigma if they didn't exalt but their kids still have a chance.In canon, Sasuke is easily the most powerful Genin on Team 7, Sakura (and every other girl) is constantly squeeing over him, Naruto's always holding the Idiot Ball to the point where he's the Plucky Comic Relief, and Sasuke comes from the most powerful line of ninja in the TAS Sakura's crush is on This troper think that Kishimoto may have been some sort of fan of either those two. This troper is willing to bet when the anime comes in, he might've planned Nobuyuki to voice Gai, but since the character is too old, he changed his mind The people are descendants of ancient Japanese natives brought to that world by the Goa'uld Amaterasu. Other Ancient strains that rebelled against the non-interference protocol and take the forms of said beasts. Well, we know that telekinesis can be granted by genetic mutation in the Stargate universe...perhaps it's something in the air? This is why Rock Lee has completely amazing abilities, but is absolutely useless outside of filler, and is always why Shikmaru seemed ineffective at first, but everything always goes his way.Hiyama Nobuyuki voiced two protagonists in the Brave series named Maito/Might Senpuuji and Gai/Guy Shishioh. It should also be noted, the writer said that if he were a girl he'd go out with Shikamaru.Also, not entirely sure if this goes here or somewhere else, so please don't kill me for it.Yachiru was eventually killed during the Soul Society vs Aizen war and is reincarnated into the Naruto world as Sakura Haruno.The Hyugga with their divide between Main/Branch families miror dinastic obssesion for choosing mates so as to increase chances of exalting ie purer blood is stronger and in the begining Neji would have made a perfect agent for the The Sidereal Exalted, those chosen by the Five Maidens to oversee Fate itself. One's a funky young black man with attitude, the other's a forged by hellfire badass who's been around and Seen It All.A few aditional notes Naruto posibly was forced to exalt as a Infernal Exalted, chosen by the Yozis( complicated but in really simple terms Demon-Chthulhu's) but without the demons control and Pain a returning Solar(champions of the Unconquered Sun) with some necromancy charms or the last Abyssal Exalted, (a.k.a. Sasuke would have Fire Anima( elemental fire powers work most easily for him but he also masteres air/lightning) while Hinata would have Water/Air(? It is only fitting considering how much Kishimoto loves to have things look unfixably bad only to go "lol, genjutsu". The reason we've never seen Madara's face is because his human costume is at the cleaners, so he wears a mask to disguise the fact that he's a bug, one of Edgar's brothers. In reality Naruto takes place on a distant planet far in the future, one that uses technology to simulate ninja abilities.

Just like a human teen, his body was telling him to consume mass quantities to fuel his absurd rate of growth.One can only assume that he became as a horde of locusts at some point during the Timeskip, judging by how much he grew. Sexy no Jutsu will become required learning in the Ninja Academy.Konoha will be rebuilt as a sexual fantasy tourist trap, which will send the economy soaring to heights never reached before by any hidden village. This explains the drop in quality and the inordinate amount of focus on minor characters ("Tell me a story about the Lady Hinata, daddy! "), as well as the omake-like humor and occasional OOC-ness.Considering Shikamaru's philosophy, this rather makes sense (creator might also be gay, but thats for another WMG).

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