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A Sketch of His Life and Work by: John Davy Rudolf Steiner was born in Kraljevec (then in Austria, now part of the former Yugoslavia) in 1861, and died in Dornach, Switzerland in 1925.

He thus saw the end of an old era and the birth pangs of a new one. The outer surface of the late nineteenth century gave little hint of the extraordinary events the twentieth century would bring.

Most of the teaching was Marxist, but he insisted on a free hand.

For those intending to undertake teacher training, the Waldorf program at Antioch University New England will recognize a certificate of completion in Cf A’s Explorations Program as fulfilling part of Antioch’s entrance requirements.

If your community can gather 15 or more interested people, a member of the Cf A faculty will offer an information session/orientation event in your community to describe the program in more detail and answer questions.

Outwardly, we see the gifted son of a minor railway official growing up in the small peasant villages of Lower Austria.

He attended the village schools, and then the modern school in Wiener Neustadt.

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