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He's a helpful giant who offers skiers boosts to a nearby hill and generous amounts of hot cocoa.'Game of Thrones fan rustedironchef quipped, 'Anybody else see the white walker in the reflection of his goggles?Under his left eye.' Future Rick suggested, 'The Gentle Giant of Lake Louise. He'll eat your children.'While quakeimp wrote: 'It is an abnormal titan!!!That tree must have been sufficiently similar to the top of the other and boom - Skizilla.'And lots of people have urged the owner of the photo to make it his profile picture on his social media accounts, despite the fact he isn't actually the man featured in it.Redditor gsfgf wrote: 'That should be your new profile pic on social media.He's not the only animal in the household, as they have a dog, 4 cats, fish, 14 chickens, and a turtle, all of whom apparently ignore him.

Posting the digitally enhanced photo on Reddit, username Mallets Darker captioned the shot that features a giant head and shoulders of a man wearing ski goggles, placed behind some trees with: 'I took a few shots at Lake Louise today and Google offered me this panorama'.The ceremony's traditional inclusion of a nativity scene has survived various legal challenges dating back decades.From Facetune to Photoshop, pictures are pretty easy to manipulate these days."But they're also the bedrock values of all faiths — values to be cherished and embraced not only during the holidays, but to be practiced in our daily lives."Obama added that the victims of the terror attack in San Bernardino, California, should be reminded that they are in "our thoughts, they're in our prayers, and we send them our love."The president also called on people around the world to come together to share in a "common humanity," while praising the U. Armed Forces and religious liberty."And let's keep in our prayers those Americans who protect that ideal, especially those stationed far from home during the holidays," he added."Our men and women in uniform and their families sacrifice so much for us.And it's because of them that we can celebrate freely, that we can worship as we please, that we can come together on a night like this – strong, and united, and free," he added.

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