Who is demi dating

Apparently, Tyga was ready for marriage while Jenner definitely was not.

There were also cheating rumors alleging that Tyga cheated on Jenner when she was out of the country.

More power to the both of them if something happened to them." Vito also reportedly dated Liv Tyler, 35, in 2010.

However, what we do know is that Tyga may be dating someone new and her name is Demi Rose Mawby. If you’ve wanted to see some gorgeous Demi Rose pics all in one place, we have them here for you.

, holding hands and laughing with Jenner, it seems that there was trouble in paradise.

There have been many rumors going around as to why they split up.

The British beauty who may be Tyga’s new girlfriend got famous online.

Demi Rose Mawby’s Instagram has over two million followers, making her the most popular model online in Britain. Although she stayed with the Miami girl group Taz’s Angels for a while, she decided to move on to pursue bigger and better things.

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