Is audrina patridge dating anyone 2016

I never thought I could feel so many feelings for someone so small."Patridge goes on to call herself "lucky" to have had "very few problems" during her pregnancy before admitting to "dreading" what turned out to be a medically necessary C-section.

And for those of you wondering just where the name Kirra Max came from, Patridge is happy to explain: "I have loved the name Kirra for a while now, and when I read my top 3 names to Corey, he loved it, too!

The former MTV star was recently seen in tears after a heated discussion with on-again, off-again boyfriend Corey Bohan.

The two, who were dressed in their Halloween costumes for Matthew Morrison’s party, were spotted having a heated discussion on a sidewalk bench before…

Audrina Patridge is not having a good Halloween, and given that Halloween is still three days away… Perhaps today’s winning captions would improve her outlook: …

More » It seems drama is still following Audrina Patridge everywhere she goes.

Patridge's fiancé proudly posted the same photo on his Instagram, writing, "It's the three of us now & I wouldn't have it any other way.""To tell you the truth, I haven’t stopped staring at her since she arrived," Patridge shared in her first post-baby blog post detailing the birth.

And just last night, she took to Instagram to share the first adorable photo with her brand-new baby girl, Kirra."Baby kirra's [sic] first walk in her adorable pram," Patridge captioned the debut pic, which shows the infant's tiny pink-sock-clad legs kicking up into the air while Mama Audrina gazes down at her with a loving smile (and oversize sunnies, of course).

vixen Audrina Patridge has once again broken up with Australian BMX racer Corey Bohan.

The couple had reunited over the summer, after briefly dating and breaking up in 2008.

Everyone who rose to fame as a result of their role on the show has moved on.

Patridge and Bohan got engaged in November of last year in Orange County.

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