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That’s the only small letdown of this season, that it doesn’t pay off the bus crash.

I don’t mind that they skipped over the immediate aftermath since that cliffhanger was a fairly cheap one, but if you’re going to introduce a plot like that at least commit to it.

Tiny helps Zoe and Rasha in their scheme (best scene ever).

Anyway: It’s pretty rare to see a public figure, even an in-demand Hollywood actor, intellectually regress in this manner.

And Hardy is not from another era—he’s 37 years old.

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As Maya falls into depression her presence decreases in the ensemble.While Lola tempered some of her humor, Yael brings it in full force.There are only 10 episodes per season and they try to cram as much drama as they possibly can.Even the return of her sister Katie can’t help her.Here the only ones who really had any after effects were Maya and Tristan.

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