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If a woman was caught earning profit, she was forced to give back all she had earned and either sign a confession, admitting the error of her ways, or be sold to indentured servitude if she refused.

(") Ferengi blood pressure was much higher than that of Humans.

Ferengi civilization was built on a caricature of free enterprise, where earning profit was the sole meaningful goal in life, superseding all other endeavors.

The Ferengi governing body, known as the Ferengi Alliance, was formed over a period of ten thousand years, beginning with the establishment of a system of currency, to their purchase of warp technology, and finally to its state in the 24th century. They had orange-brown colored skin, long blue toenails and blue fingernails, enlarged skulls, wrinkled noses, and sharp teeth.

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The Ferengi were a warp-capable humanoid species from the planet Ferenginar.

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