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It is the responsibility of the App Developer to handler the smooth removal of the injected code as soon as the App gets uninstalled.There are a couple of issues that I would like to point out around this fact as follows: If code is injected using Share Point Hosted App, then it is not possible to get it removed the injected code automatically by any mean.

For example we got a list called “Products” in which we need to stop the users to delete any list item.Since this solution deploys the Java Script file into a folder under the _layouts virtual directory, you have provided that relative path.The second parameter is the entry point function which is Load JSInside Host Web.We must make use of Custom Actions with Share Point App Model in order to implement Embed Java Script Pattern by utilizing location identifier Script Link that can be accessed through User Custom Actions collection of SPWeb Object.In this in this article we will see how to implement Embed Java Script Pattern in real time business applications as below- Lets’ start with a Share Point App Project by selecting App for Share Point Project Template Specify the Site URL Choose Provider-Hosted as hosting model in order to develop High Trust Apps Choose ASP.

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