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Alexis Arguello is considered by many to be the greatest junior lightweight of the 20th century. Green played in an record 1,192 consecutive games and won three NBA titles.

He is also considered the greatest hero in Nicaraguan history for what he did for his people when his gloves were off. What's even more impressive is how he managed to hold on to his devout Christian beliefs, staying celibate until he finally married at the age of 38.

Andy Schleck, still only 26 years old, finished as the runner-up for the third-consecutive year, which reinforced his reputation as an elite climber who struggles elsewhere.

Frank Schleck, Andy’s brother, is third in the overall standings.

“It will be much more about who still has the most energy left,” Schleck said, as if he wanted to convince himself.

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He did so with a steady performance throughout and a dominating run on Saturday.

Technically one rider could gain ground Sunday, too, although that appeared less than unlikely, closer to impossible.

The final stage into Paris is as flat as a cyclist’s stomach, and the peloton is almost certain to finish in one huge, seething mass.

This 30 for 30 Short looks back on the days when Lockbaum might play in 143 of the Crusaders' 170 plays and became a finalist for the Heisman Trophy.

Back in the day, jai-alai players were celebrities that would ceremoniously march out to salute crowds of 15,000 fans, but after a disastrous 1988 strike the game became nothing more than a cultural afterthought.

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