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[Paisley keeps walking, causing Lexi to fall, dragging down Paisley, too.] Oh my God, Lexi! [Paisley walks away, leaving Lexi lying on the floor.][Violet goes up to Chyna at lunch.]Violet: Hello, Chyna. Chyna: Well, I got an A- on a quiz I thought I failed in history. Violet: Olive said you did something that would make me mad. Maybe the ANT Farm.[Chyna runs out of the cafeteria.]Violet: Can I have the rest of your sandwich? [Olive climbs into the sound booth in the ANT Farm and pulls down the cover to make it look empty. I've been looking for her all day.[Angus shifts uncomfortably in his seat, and there is a long silence.]Angus: She's in the panic room! [Chyna notices Olive started crying.] If you want, I'll cancel my date. [Chyna looks at Olive, who is still listing facts about reactions.] You! Violet: That, [Violet touches her heart.] is the sweetest thing anyone has done for me. [Violet goes back to the ANT Farm and Chyna and Olive walk away together.][It's the next day. " when I came home with nine blisters and a twisted ankle yesterday. She knows I don't have it today, so if I'm still limping when I go home after school, she'll make me wear, [Lexi cringes.] sneakers for the rest of the month! Lexi: Because Paisley doesn't know the difference between hot, halt, and help.

Body-related humor -- like farting and a character smelling the contents of his belly button -- is common. Violet re-enters the ANT Farm.]Chyna: School starts in 10 minutes, and Olive isn't here. Fletcher: Then I have an interesting factoid for you! Shockingly, I think Violet actually had less problems with the whole thing than you! Somewhere in the background, a grunt and a smash is heard. Lexi is now practically on top of Cameron, her feet dragging on the floor, still wearing her new heels.]Cameron: I don't get why you're still wearing those things. Lexi: I told my mom they were fine when I got them.

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