Web cam dating service

Just select the agency and press the Video Chat button.

The agency will accept your video invitation and this will establish a video connection between you and the agency.

You can sign up for a Web Cam call with your special lady by logging into your account and clicking the little Web Cam icon under her picture Webcam calls.

You will then be directed to a Web Cam time request form to fill out.

If you have never used Windows Live Messenger or Skype for Web Cam Video conversations then we suggest that you give it a trial run before trying to schedule a Web Cam Session with one of our ladies.

As you know, there are costs involved in us arranging an overseas Web Cam for you with the lady of your choice and an interpreter.

In other words, you must have received at least 2 replies from her to qualify for requesting a Web Cam. We then contact the lady and agree about the time with then send you confirmation on the time and day she can take the call from you. Private meeting with your lady using video chat, it's free to install chat software on your PC.2.You must also have an MSN "Hotmail" account or other MSN enabled email address to submit before Windows Live Messenger will work.To download Windows Live Messenger and to obtain a MSN enabled "Hotmail" account, just visit .Please enter the confirmation code in the box below and click "Confirm".At the scheduled time you will see the your ladys Agency on your list of Online Contacts.

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