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Unique identifier for a computer or online site, usually a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) for a Web site or an e-mail address.Ability of a service provider to signal from the headend or hub to a specified subscriber.Or, it may refer to the average amount of time (typically minutes per hour) during the day/daypart in which viewers are exposed to advertising spots.(see also Promotional Clutter) A unit interval (e.g.A notarised statement from a broadcast station that confirms the commercial actually ran at the time shown on the station's invoice.A regional/local TV broadcast station bound by a contractual relationship with one or more networks to carry an agreed quantity of network-originated programmes and commercial announcements in parts of the schedule allocated for network programming.on the roof), (b) internally and attached to the TV set or (c) internally and built in to the TV set.In some countries with large commercial MATV networks, MATV may be included under cable reception.

Series of ads displayed during the users visit to a Web site. It is not directly measurable today, but inferred from the measurement of ads called for display on the users computer.

Server initiated requests proceed from the publishers Web content server, while client-initiated proceed from the users browser.

Recommended procedures for ad counting differ in either case.

(1) Any form of Internet advertisement that is successfully served to a users browser. The total count of ad impressions denotes the number of responses from an ad delivery system to requests from user browsers, ideally recorded as late as possible in the delivery to the users browser in order to be closest to actual OTS (opportunity to see).

A basic distinction exists between requests that are server initiated and requests that are client initiated.

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