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"I used to have his tapes and his records, and I used to imitate all his bits.

I was just obsessed with him—which sounds really crazy for a young kid, I know, because his comedy could be very, very dark and risqué—but I was, and I would channel him, and I tihink I did a pretty good impersonation of him at the time.” Meanwhile, he continues, “A guy who worked for my father, who also did comedy, hosted an open-mic night…

“I mean, we knew we were making stuff that was really good; perhaps if the show was on a different network, at a different time— Who knows? He worked less often than he had before, and, when he did appear on screens big or small, it was usually in smaller roles in smaller projects.

There’s so many different variables that go into what makes a show click. The role and project that seemed to reinvigorate him and his career—indeed, in which he did some of his best work ever—was the part of Jake, a Stanley Kowalski-esque man trying to save his rocky relationship with his unhappily-pregnant wife Amy by going to counseling, on season one of HBO’s dialogue-driven (1998-2000), which was adapted from a series on Israeli television.

The show has yet to win the highest honor at any of those ceremonies, but its actors have certainly been recognized at them.Prizes have been awarded to lead actress Julianna Margulies (a Golden Globe Award, two SAG Awards, and an Emmy) and supporting actress Archie Panjabi (an Emmy), while other contributors—regulars (Christine Baranski, Chris Noth), guest stars (Dylan Baker, Michael J.Fox), and people who have been both (Alan Cumming)—have accumulated a considerable number of nominations.“It’s unlike anything I’ve done,” says Charles, who says the show contains some of the work “that I’m most proud of.” He continues, “It really was as close to doing a play on film as you can [get].I mean, sometimes you would have, you know, eight-, nine-, 10-minute takes.” He also personally connected to the material for two reasons.

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