Who is serena dating in real life

On this week’s Gossip Girl Serena caused a load of trouble and got away squeaky clean as per usual.

She threw an impromptu rager, and worse, ruined her mom’s life by trumping her 3 week highschool relationship with poet-virgin Dan Humphrey over her mom’s undying 20 year love affair. The Dan-Serena romance is starting to get annoying as it morphs into an Edith Wharton novel plus fashion, vodka and unapologetic product placement.

These attributes help her to thrive and often, whether wittingly or unwittingly, attract older men.

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The first season introduces Serena as the beautiful, wealthy daughter of divorced parents who returns from boarding school.

Her relationship with Dan further reaches complications with the arrival of Georgina Sparks, a longtime friend who slowly reveals to viewers the real reason why Serena left Manhattan.

Georgina drives her to commit the same mistakes she did before leaving Manhattan, ranging from partying excessively to drinking heavily, causing Serena to miss the SATs.

Many of the girls at the Constance Billard school accuse her of using her good looks as a means to secure everything she wants.

She is not particularly academically skilled, but she is often told that she is not meeting her full potential.

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