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It consists of a multi-level watermark that is embedded in the audio track and, while being theoretically transparent (not-audible) for the listener, it is supposed to resist various transformations of the audio stream like re-compression, analog playback & record, re-sampling, limited pitch shift, etc.The base levels are analog, but on the top level there’s the watermark payload that contains some restrictions regarding the playback environment.So far, only some studios are releasing movies with Cinavia protection.Most of them are from Sony Pictures, but recently also Universal Studios and Lionsgate are pushing titles with it. did five in the past, while 20th Century Fox and Disney had one movie test.Also sometimes called "Retro Futuristic." Think of mobile phones as a simple example — once it was considered that they would only ever be available to the rich, and they'd never get any smaller than a brick.Now they are available to one and all and the only reason they aren't even is usability.Something — a character design, a building, anything — used to be someone's idea of futuristic.

Cinavia is a protection for movies in theaters and on DVD & Blu-ray discs.

Below is a list of discs that have it on one or more tracks.

Movies that are supported by the new DVDFab DVD & Blu-ray Cinavia Removal solution are highlighted in green and the list will continue to grow.

The protection has two elements (one cannot work without the other): DVDFab is proud to present DVD & Blu-ray Cinavia Removal, the first High Quality solution for removing the Cinavia watermark from audio tracks of a disc, thus removing the protection altoghether (see above element (A) of the protection).

It works by repairing the audio track, to take it back to original Master quality before the watermark was added to it.

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