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" r ’ - 1 *’ i,,| d J’i -w J hri.f lir* ljn " r “- t’rd'll l. of the Labour Pariv in local govern¬ ment are to launch an associa¬ tion of Labour councillors on March 2 with the object of giv¬ ing councillors a greater say in parry policy and to coordinate the efforts of Labour groups id •opposition ro governments policies. coal¬ fields, the electricity board has never been: better placed to bold out against industrial action by workers outside the electricity sunply 'industry, with the exception of the water workers. Labour councils to set up new policy group By Christopher Wardian Local Government Correspondent Leading members . That would probably have brought us into conflict with law. “There would not have been enough room m t he jails in the land for all the miners who would-go there. themselves the embarrassment of this ■ situa¬ tion.” ' . ' Mr Henry Garling, branch official, said: “ I went to look at the. as my worry is that we could be in the same position in'1982.•'We have been through all this'now.

one of the South Yorkshire pits scheduled for closure, decided last night to start strike action . Howell, Secretary of State for Energy, Mr Joseph Gormley, president of the National Union of Mineworkers, and Sir Derek Ezra, chairman of the National Coal Board (right), outside the Department of Energy after the board withdrew its pit closure plan. Scottish reaction: In Scotland, where - it had been, announced that three pits', were to close, a .miners’ official at Cardu Han, near Glasgow, the largest of the three, said the men were delighted with the withdrawal the closure plan, but would not - be calling off their strike until the special delegates’ con¬ ference in Edinburgh tomorrow. He warned the Conservative 1 Party to keep, off the middle ground of poli¬ tics. nerve • 5ir Angus Maude, the former Paymaster General, - yesterday urged - the'Government to stick to its unpopular policies and. - Sir Angus’s speech ro a party , meeting in : Ruislip contrasted with recent statements by Mr - Francis Pym, who ■ over, his. The consultants committee proposed some form of control on the numbers of overseas deters to ensure that they re¬ ceived proper training. Such doctors should have to make arrangements to have a training post before coming to Britain Forces’ strength still rising The total strength of *.&« Armed Forces continues to rise but shortages of suitable candi¬ dates in certain key categories £r£- a cause for concern, the Ministry of Defence said yester¬ day.

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