Updating blackberry 8330

When a device malfunctions after following the steps above, or when you simply want to upgrade to a newer version of the handheld operating system, you will need to wipe the handheld and restore it from an operating system installer downloaded from the cellular provider.Finally I got the Chinese Characters display well on my Black Berry Curve 8330 handheld from Verizon Wireless provider.For the previous OS, see this link: to determine if you have an ESN or MEID based device. From the main menu, select Options - About (this is the ONLY way to check) ESN devices - On the About screen you will see 8330 MEID devices On the About screen you will see 8330m NOTE You cannot install ESN-based software on a MEID device, nor can you install MEID-based software on an ESN device. This way, you can easily distinguish between emails received or Facebook alerts, simply by the sound your blackberry makes.wiki How's mission is to help people learn, and we really hope this article helped you.Now you are helping others, just by visiting wiki How.

Clean the trackball The trackball on a Black Berry smartphone can get dirty from everyday use.What you need to do is to click Options while you are on the Device Software Options of application loader screen, and scroll down to select whatever languages you need for your handheld as the screenshot below.When your upgrading is done, the device will reboot and when it comes back then you are free to read Chinese or any other foreign languages you selected. Presumably, you have just recently purchased a new Blackberry Curve 8330, and noticed that no alerts are played for certain types of messages.Below are all of the instructions needed to set up your very own alert profile – allowing you to set up a different alert for each type of message you receive.

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