Cupid predating code

The amateur with the metal detector found the ring in 2013, Live Science says. Amateurs may use metal detectors to search the earth for valuable artifacts as long as they are not working at sanctioned archaeological sites and they report finds of precious metal.

An exquisite onyx and gold ring from about the 300s AD depicting the god of love Cupid, found by a metal detectorist, will go on display in an English museum.Sometime after Eros arose in the literature of the Greeks, Cupid became a winged youth shooting arrows of desire and love “whose prick stirred the fires of passion in all hearts,” Larousse says.Cupid and Psyche While some say he was born of Mother Night or hatched from the world egg, others said that he was the son of Hermes and Aphrodite, hence he was an hermaphrodite, one of the three original sexes—men, women and creatures that combined aspects of both men and women.It is he who ‘brings harmony to chaos’ and permits life to develop.” The encyclopedia calls him a primitive deity, “a semi-abstract personification of cosmic force,” that had little resemblance to the Cupid of later times.In other words, the Roman ring of the fourth century discovered in England is a much later representation.

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