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Hilltop view looking out toward the city from the Sacre Coeur, tourists in Montmartre shopping while on tour.

The panorama of Paris atop the Eiffel Tower cause lovers hearts to skip a beat, the magnificence and grandeur of the city sets one’s heart asunder, as surely as a lightning bolt, always follows thunder.

Pure of mind, body and soul and a heart that's ever warm, never cold, who's commpasion for the sick and needy cannot be purchased or sold.

For you see, she is the author of the book of love, and her ideals are as pristine, pure and as white as any dove so, as read each each chapter and verse you will all better understand how to better converse.

sailing on majestic vessels that sail the seven sea’s.

enjoy the tropical ocean breeze on palatial floating palaces that roam the ocean sea, a happening for one and all to see and be, a vision, a home away from home, a treasure, a pleasure and a glee.

You can provide us with the self esteem and confidence that we never had before. Lily-like, white as snow, She hardly knew She was a woman, so Sweetly she grew.A romantic cruise on the Seine, lovers kissing along her bank, roses later bought for his sweetheart, for a Franc.The sight of Notre Dame, sets young lovers hearts aflame.You Can You can banish all our pain along with cloudy days of rain.You can turn around a derailed life from colliding with a train.

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