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After sharing with you some tips on how to avoid rental scams and determine if you are dealing with a legitimate company or agent before choosing an apartment, this week we wanted to show you how to spot clues that the apartment you are looking to rent may be a fake.Rental scams are on the rise, so it is more important than ever to look into the person or company that you are dealing with and make sure they are legitimate.Identity theft is a common crime, a victim every two seconds.And Rene Hernandez is not your common criminal."But it's not the kind of arrest we see in Mobile every day.Here are a few things to look out for: 1) Is there a legitimate company name on the contract that you can investigate further?: We have seen many fake contracts with “company names” like “Charming and Cozy Apartment in Time Square” or “1br-Beautiful Option for Hotels”.

If you show up at your destination and realize you have been scammed: 1. There may be bits of information within those communications that can help police track down the scammer. File a police report with the local police to document the incident.Police say he stole credit card numbers and put them on blank cards that look like this using a device that looks like this.Detectives don't know how he got hold of these numbers but they say, in most cases, they put a skimmer over a card reader at a gas station.When 57-year-old Rene Hernandez was arrested yesterday, there were only 88 charges of identity theft on his record.But when we interviewed police this morning, that number had more than doubled.

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