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They were soon signed to Telstar Records with the addition of a new member, Zena Mc Nally, and became the popular UK garage/R&B girl group, Mis-Teeq.In October 2000, Dixon, then relatively unknown, featured on the single "Rumours" by Damage, which charted modestly at 22 on the UK Singles Chart.

She began recording her debut solo album, Fired Up, in 2006, but due to poor record sales of her first two singles, "Lipstick" and "Knockdown", she was dropped from Polydor.In a later interview, she said, "there's always this preconceived idea that people do reality TV shows because they want to kick-start their careers whereas I was actually worried that it would affect it." They had been the favourite from the third week, receiving the most points from the judges on numerous occasions.Dixon herself gained high appraisal from the judges, even being likened to a "young Josephine Baker" by Bruno Tonioli.She was educated at Monk's Walk School, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire.Dixon's parents split up when Dixon was four and Dixon's father moved away, resulting in Dixon later describing her family life as "very dysfunctional".

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    According to their point of view, the diversification of the Old East Slavic language took place in the 8th or early 9th century.

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    On the north it stretches westward along the shore for nearly 50 miles (80 km) to include Zelenogorsk.

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