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Even if it's real, only enter through the company's official page. Scammers like to set up fake sites and pages that mimic the real thing.2.Viral videos Almost as exciting as free gadgets is seeing the latest viral video. If the video isn't on You Tube or a legitimate news site, it's a scam.3.It doesn’t cost military personnel a single penny to take leave – EVER! Often time, these scammers are such complete morons, they’ll send multiple pictures of different people and claim to be the same person. 7) Uses a sob story about being a widower (usually say widow).Most of the photos these guys steal are from married troops and will contain photos with kids or a woman.Facebook encourages sharing, which means certain scams can travel far and wide. Some of them can install viruses that take over your account or steal your money. Here are four popular scams that should set off your warning bells as soon as you see them.1. Entering your cellphone number often leads to bogus premium charges appearing on your wireless bill.Free giveaways The easiest scam to fall for on Facebook is a free giveaway. It's true that some companies do give away free stuff through Facebook.You'll see everything from gift cards to free tablets, laptops and smartphones. When they do, however, it's promoted on that company's official Facebook page.If you check the company's page or website and don't see the giveaway, steer clear.

1) They ask for money, especially through a money service like Money Gram or Western Union. 2) They send you pictures that don’t match the rank and service they tell you they are.

From snake-oil salesmen and pool-hall hustlers to Nigerian princes and Spanish prisoners, scams were happening long before the Internet.

Unfortunately, the Internet has only made things worse.

I can’t tell you how many times I get emails and comments asking me to look into someone saying they are a Staff Sergeant and wearing Major rank or a supposed Colonel wearing Sergeant Major rank.

Educate yourself on military ranks and uniforms and do due diligence before wasting my time with these obvious indicators. 3) They tell you that they are assigned to a secret intelligence unit.

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