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The mood persisted even when, halfway through the show, Madley Croft sang, “Can I make it better / with the lights turned on?

A strikingly pale woman of twenty-four with a quiet, slightly lisping voice, she was dressed all in black: T-shirt, tight jeans, and round-toed boots. The band’s members, all similarly diffident, resist defining themselves as rock stars—or defining themselves at all.

“Our parents were friends and kind of pushed us together,” Madley Croft says. We look like twins.” (The two retain a fraternal relationship.

Before a recent show in Memphis, Madley Croft scolded him for eating fried alligator, which had made him sick on an earlier swing through the South.) Despite their closeness, neither had known, at fourteen, that the other was secretly playing music.

“I would send them to a couple of friends, but very much over e-mail, and not in person, and I was very private about it,” she says.

Among those she confided in was Sim, her closest friend since nursery school.

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