Bangalore marriages validating act

Hence, the Bangalore Marriages Validating Act, 1936 can be said to be a social welfare legislation formulated for a class of persons.

For that reason, the certificates and documents issued for the marriages that are affirmed as good and legally valid as per the provisions of the Act along with other registered records as well as certified replica of the correct and suitably confirmed summary of the said documents that are set down in observance with the terms of the Indian Christian Marriage Act passed in 1872 to the extend the registered records and the said summary connect with the mentioned marriages shall be obtained as proof and verification of the marriages similarly that such marriages are formalized according to the provisions of Part I of the present enactment.Also try out our Query Alert Service and enjoy an ad-free experience.The Bangalore Marriages Validating Act, 1936 was enacted on October 27, 1936 for the purpose of legalizing some type of marriages that are formalized in the Bangalore Military as well as Civil Stations. Walter James Mc Donald Redwood Missionary under the Plymouth Brethren was pioneered under the license that was issued by the Mysore Resident.This is a chronological, but incomplete list of Acts passed by the Imperial Legislative Council between 18, the Constituent Assembly of India between 19, the Provisional Parliament between 19, and the Parliament of India since 1952.Premium Member services are free for one month and pay only if you like it.

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