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They don’t need to out form factor consumer-facing apps.

However, they need to have UIs that are device-intelligent to accomplish the business task at hand.

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Kids that don’t like writing computer code are getting a BSCS.

7) Every speaker/article is making a big deal about how our industry is going a seismic, once every generation change.

If you have been doing this for a bit, it is just par for the course.

The problem is that the initial list of 700 addresses do not have geocoordinates. The really cool thing about the Microsoft API is that I can consume the WCF service so there is no HTTP requests to code or XML/JSON responses to parse.

I built an application that hits the major map APIs (Yahoo, Bing, Google) to see how well they can create geocoordinates from cross street information that can be used by my phone application. The problem was that the data coming back is all wrong.

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