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This is the key idea behind the notion of deep enculturation...This process entails setting up the very complex hierarchies of cognitive demons (automatic programs) that ultimately establish the possibility of new forms of thought.Even if culture is a primary factor in our lives, and that largely depends on the person's receptivity to culture, it would be nearly impossible to create a culture ahead of time that is conducive to producing better behavior and healthier thoughts.This is because much of culture depends on our biological and evolutionary hardware, which is in flux.

Knoll's assessment is in line with what influential psychologist and neuroscientist Merlin Donald has written on culture's influence on our brain functioning -- and even our brain structure.

The teenagers were surveyed by Barclays Spaces for Sports, which has created 200 sports sites with the Football Foundation and Groundwork since the bank launched the scheme five years ago.

One of the sites, Bransbury Park in Portsmouth, has seen a 26 per cent reduction in crime and anti-social behaviour in the last two years.

Culture effectively wires up functional subsystems in the brain that would not otherwise exist." This is not to say that culture is responsible for everything we do and think.

Indeed, the very formation of the culture that helped the diaspora Jews succeed was a result of circumstance, rather horrific circumstance.

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