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I worked with one father named William Best who had lost a daughter. Best, if you ever read this, my thoughts and prayers are with you. He was a great guy & I use to give him a ride home from school at times. There was a young woman there that was so sweet I always shopped when she was working.To this day, when I here about horrific tragedies, my mind always drifts back to this day and the agonizing time that it was. She was the young woman that was in her car on the ground and was killed by the crash of flight 255. I can't imagine being in a plane crash, yet alone being the only survivor. Lisa Sheehan 25 years ago, I was a young paramedic among the many that responded to Flight 255.Wendy Harris I worked with Matt Mc Laughlin at The Pony Express Nightclub in Phoenix, AZ. I remember our last conversation before summer break. He loved to go dancing(Grafitis) but, would be up early to play tennis. RIP to all Dennis Dennison 25 years ago, I was home in Phoenix. I had already stayed a week longer than planned and had spent most of the day debating staying an extra week, had I done so I would have been on this flight, thus I feel tied to it. God bless those who perished, their loved ones, and Cecelia too.

Gordon Holmes I thought of Bill tonight and decided to Google his name and came across this site. On our way home from seeing Dr Sills, my 4 year old asked me if I was Dr. Several of us stayed at the hotel, and really enjoyed the extra time we had with each other this year. After working to resolve PTSD issues as a rescuer for so long, it's hard to put into words the sense of loss for two wonderful people our family almost knew. This rescuer and his wife will be there to light a penlight or candlelight as your names are read at future memorials. God be with the souls that helped that day as well as with Cecelia. I was only 6 and remember the news reports from that day. Patty and Marc Smith My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families & friends that were affected by this terrible tragedy. Mark Draves When I went to the list I had secretly hoped I would not find the name of a former classmate, but instead I found it. Ellen Jones To the family of Emily Geiger, I had been a classmate of Emily's since kindergarten. The memories of the times I was lucky enough to spend with her will always make me smile.It was a very difficult time for all Northwest employees. I am Currently on duty & and the only one of my current platoon mate's that was on duty the night of august 16 1987. The smell of kerosene (jet fuel) was so heavy in the air that you could actually taste it. To think we were this close to being on that plane and possibly not here today is terrifying.Last October I was able to retire after 32 years of flying. Janine Moran Janine Moran I was a friend of Steve Brosnan. A day that has bonded me with the firefighters I worked with that night that word's cannot express!! I still see several on a daily basis, But the one's I do not see are my platoon bosses that have since retired. then I turned right entering a little neighborhood and drove to a gravel cross street called Garner Rd. My heart goes out to the families of those who did perish on that day.In case anyone is unaware, we also have a Face Book page at Flight 255 Family, where you can view some great photos and leave comments also. My husband, of 24 years this weekend, lost his brother Larry, sister in law Laura, and neice Christa. Linda Mead Had the honor of attending the memorial service on the 25th anniversary. Tony Zanger Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the families, but we especially remember Ben and the Turner family. I had flown this flight home back to mesa in june 1987 after attending my father in laws funeral in kalamazoo. Randy Hoffman was admired by his Saline classmates for his athleticism and for being a good student. I still remember her sweetness, intelligence and humor. Sasha Bielek Phoenix, AZ USA To Dan Mickelson and his Father Wayne Mickelson...Thanks to everyone for all the Love and Support that goes out every year! We had just come back that Sunday from a fun weekend at MSU and knew they were heading back to Az. My heart goes out to both families who suffered so much loss. An awesome guy, Mike Zager, who was in my spanish class at St Mary's/Catholic central HS was also on that flight. What a wonderful testimony of the human spirit to both remember and go forward. My Pryers go out to all the others that have lost loved ones on that day.. As I left the Memorial Site one more time this past evening, the feeling was overwhelming. We will NEVER forget and will ALWAYS REMEMBER all 156 victims of N. I still remember saying to my wife on that flight home why would northwest use such a small plane when usually it was always overbooked on flights back to Phoenix. Turner was the minister at my church at the time and I knew Ben Turner quite well, as we participated in choir and youth group together. His locker was next to mine and after all these years I can still see his smile. Dan, I will never forget the night I got the call from Ken Ellzey telling you were gone.

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