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Perhaps for something like CX it might make more sense however.

Next, in a post back at Interbike a few months ago, I showed their longer term vision for other crankset companies to be able to leverage their technology into a much more compact form factor onto the edge of the crank arm.

But to their credit, they did the ‘right thing’ for their customers, and were upfront and honest about the issues – a trait that not all power meter companies in the industry share.I’ve often talked to many start-ups in the power meter world that want to appeal to the major OEM’s, but those talks rarely (almost never) result in any fruit.The negotiations and flirtations last for years, and even then often fall apart.It’s been a few years since Wat Team first jumped onto the power meter scene.Back in the summer of 2014 they boldly exclaimed their plans to ship a dual left/right power meter solution for 9 – breaking what is largely considered a pretty magical price point for power meters (especially at that time).

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