Dating very independent woman

If they are too aggressive or needy early on it can be a huge turn-off.

Think of all the girls you know who are in relationships.

I couldn’t handle the idea that I would have to wait patiently for men to approach me when I wanted to be in a relationship so badly. For decades and decades before us that has always been the formula for how relationships worked: man pursues woman, woman responds, man and woman become an item. They are all in these situations where there is a guy that is interested in them and instead of sitting back and enjoying the ride, they are texting/snapchatting/gchatting these dudes and then asking them out for drinks whenever they themselves are free.

None of these situations have had any longevity and when I told them why I thought that was, they all disagreed with me.

But by being in that controlling position I was taking away all of my femininity and turning men off. If you are doing the courting, how will you ever know how he feels about you?I am a former tomboy and athlete and am the only girl in a family of four brothers.I have taken on a few masculine traits which I am fully aware is not what men are attracted to.We have so much instant access that we get bored easily and move on without putting in very much work.We can track our crushes online on a myriad of social media sites so we think we are closer to them than we actually are.

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