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DBabble can also act as an NNTP server, so that news-readers can read DBabble discussions as though they are newsgroups.

Additionally, DBabble can act as an SMTP server for the purpose of accepting incoming mail intended as articles for it's discussion groups.

All messages are stored on the server, so users can read old messages from anywhere they login from.

The server and client do not need any additional software installed to support these features.

Users are able to tell DBabble to send any new articles in specified groups to them directly via Email or as instant messages.

Discussions can also be marked as private and allow only certain users to read and/or post to them.

Chat rooms can optionally be made encrypted, which means that anything said is automatically encrypted by the DBabble client so that only people listed in the 'Users Present' list can read the message.

Messages in encrypted chat rooms are also digitally signed to prevent users pretending to be someone else.

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