Avril nyambura dating

As for music building my design the truth is that I’m looking at a future where myself as Avril will be a strong brand in Kenya, Africa and even the world and by that therefore create an avenue through which my design can also grow.So the design degree and music can work side to side.Also musicians should learn their craft so they can become the best at what they do whether singing, songwriting,producing,.

We as Kenyans have unfortunately not opened up completely to the realization that the music industry’s need to be invested in so that young unknown talent can rise and conquer the world! I had to make sacrifices with the little money that I could get from my work here and there to invest on my image.Our country always boasts of its flora and fauna so the first place I would take you would be the Maasai Mara where the wildlife is breathtaking.The Lions, the Buffaloes migrating, the Antelopes, the Wildebeests, the almost extinct white Rhinos, the Crocodiles and the other very many animals are amazing.My sound is very contemporary urban fusing a variety of genres to create a feel that can be related to by young people all over the world and adults also. I have been on the Kenyan musical scene for one year now, very new to the scene, but shocked by the love I am getting for my music all over Africa , USA and Europe that has been playing on the airwaves of recent.I have had tremendous acknowledgement with very many already established artists looking to work with me in Kenya and all across East Africa .

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