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“She’s not needy, you idiot, she’s horny, because you did for her.” Every time a man has sex with a woman it’s “the greatest thing that ever happened in his life,” while, for a woman, “about 40 percent of the time, she’s thinking … K.’s chief comedy role model, George Carlin—among other things, he inspired the choice of venue for —arguably had a mixed record on the matter.

(The section on women and men from one of his books is essentially a takedown of patriarchy; his bit about “pissing off the feminists,” on the other hand, hasn’t aged well.) And C. He does some “men are like this, women are like that” material from time to time, though his ventures into that territory tend to be fairly sensitive and sophisticated.

‘Oh, I hope this one’s nice.’ ”) Was the routine inspired by what C. Men think women are weird because they don’t want to have sex all the time, he says. But he is fairly rare among male comics in this regard—especially among the few peers who have combined craftsmanship, originality, and popular appeal in the way he has.

“We think it’s because they don’t have as much desire as we do. and there’s just massive men, like three times your size, and they just …” C. then proceeds to grunt and groan in an effort to convey the aggressive and lusty stares of ogling males. Dave Chappelle—to pick just one other guy from that tiny group—is an interesting thinker and storyteller and a terrific joke-smith.

What we can learn from him is to see relationships for what they really are and accept reality.

Audrie Pott and Rehtaeh Parsons, both 15 years old, were gang raped by young men who proceeded to take photos of the assaults and circulate them widely through the Internet and at the girls’ schools.

Unable to escape the digital trail of their rapes and endless ridicule by their peers, both girls ultimately took their own lives.

What added to the sense of hopelessness and shame that eventually became too great for these girls to bear was the lack of attention they received from their schools and the criminal justice system—two systems designed and trusted to protect children.

There was also the young girl in the Steubenville case, whose gang rape was photographed and filmed while her friends and classmates posed with her unconscious body and laughed.

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