Vegan speed dating los angeles

I enjoy the outdoors, movies, reading, travel, staying in shape and all of the delicious veggie food in this city!

I would like to be more involved with the community, hopefully in a way that helps animals.

I enjoy canoeing, cycling, running, hiking, downhill skiing, sunsets or watching the waves roll in on Lake Superior.

I have a private home surrounded by trees, wildlife and streams. I live in a place with 4 seasons, and about 5 months of the year it is quite cold.

) I enjoy nature and the outdoors and like hiking and canoeing along with music festivals (music being outside = awesome...) I also enjoy reading and have been getting back into yoga, trying for a healthy year of well being.

Currently I am in school for winemaking with just two semesters left.

The caramelized crust, the bloody juices, and the unmistakeable, smoky aroma matched the steak of my dreams.I tend to sway toward fresh produce, legumes, and grains, with some meat, seafood, dairy, and eggs, of course.I support my local farmers and fishers so that more expensive, but it feels better to me to eat higher quality less of the time than to eat meat for every meal.While we were getting ready for Christmas dinner, I whispered to her, "I think I'm going to eat a steak on New Year's." Eying my ghostly complexion and exposed ribs, she didn't even blink before saying, "Yeah, that's a good idea." I don't know why I needed that green light, but I did.No one in my family, save for my sister, thought I'd actually go for a filet mignon on New Year's, until the waiter took my order, and I said, "I'll take the eight-ounce, medium." And that was that.

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