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Or grab some Christmas photos from Billion We also started receiving questions about Createer, thus here is basic information about what it is, how it is different from Artisteer, and whether you may need it.Let’s start with Artisteer, which is a web template design tool, helping you quickly design the overall look of your website, including background, borders, colors, header, texture graphics, menu, font styling, etc.I never thought it necessary to really comprehend and apply learning to practice.My view of higher education then was that it is completely irrelevant to real life situation of adult working life.In attempting to motivate my students, I always ensure that current articles relating to the concept we are about to learn is printed and taken to class for them to read and appreciate that what we are doing in class is not isolated from the larger society.The articles are analysed in class after going through the lecture materials to ensure students are fully engaged with learning.Visser, (1998) in his motivational model that was based on Keller’s Attention, Relevance, Confidence and Satisfaction model of motivation where she found an increase in retention over a control group, but the group sizes were very small. 79-91 in Readings on the Development of Children (1997), Edited by: Gauvain, M.

Whenever people visit various pages on your website, each page is shown with consistent look given to it by the web template.We actually didn't anticipate it could take this long and we owe you an explanation, while wanting to make it up to you as well.We wrote a long FAQ titled Artisteer & Themler - Everything You Wished For which hopefully provides answers you've been waiting for.Supporting students imply making them better learners and motivating them to engage with the learning activities both in the classroom and in a flipped class to enable learner retain the relevant concepts learned and apply this in a real world situation by moving the learner from ignorance to an informed person (UKPSF: A4).The experience I had as an undergraduate at a Nigerian university where motivating students is not considered as important for attainment because of the competition for higher education places and as a result of lecturers not being assessed based on student performance.

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