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Jane was forced to earn a shilling housesitting for friends, before training as a physiotherapist.

Unable to pay for British or even Kenyan private school fees, the estranged couple decided to educate Chris at a strict South African boarding school in Johannesburg that he later compared to a gulag.

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He needs an outlet for his energy and thinks you’re phenomenal. ’The dreadlocked Kinjah agreed to Froome spending holidays training with his team, Safari Simbaz, based at his home, where they would sleep top to toe in a tin hut.

But there was no denying this superb athlete’s near-perfect performance and magnificent achievement.

Chris Froome owes some of his legendary mental toughness to an unconventional and at times difficult childhood in Kenya.

He raised the money for his first proper racing bike by selling drinks and Kenyan clothing to his schoolmates.

When Chris was 13, Jane took him to a charity bike race in Nairobi.

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