Romeo and juliet dating and friendship club

She and a white Northern doctor are in love, but she eventually turns down his offer of marriage in order to stay and help her community.An African American ex-football player falls in love with a Las Vegas showgirl.He draws his sword as a playful gesture, plants a kiss on his opponent, only to be lashed down in response — a reflex reaction by an imprudent young man.If age slows us down, Branagh suggests that’s no bad thing.Kate is a caucasian schoolteacher whose love for Sam, an African-American onion salesman leads to tragedy when the town persecutes them for their love.A British Indian take on Romeo and Juliet in which Geena, a young Gujarati woman, and Jay, a young Scottish man, fall in love while trying to keep their relationship a secret from their rival families.

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What goes missing in this production, however, is the underlying bitterness of a long-running feud.Later, his son falls in love with the daughter of one of his Chinese immigrant workers.After his family decides to take his money for college away from him, a rich kid pretends to be African-American to win a minority scholarship offered by Harvard University, only to discover that upon getting there that he has fallen for another student, who was supposed to be the actual recipient of the scholarship.The actor-manager and his co-director Rob Ashford can’t quite get it down to two hours traffic, but they come pretty damn close, and the result is a headlong hurtle to the tomb for Richard Madden and Lily James’ teenage sweethearts.Rash decisions rule the day in a production that emphasizes the impulsiveness of youth, as feelings go off like fireworks.

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