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Armitage never perceived John Thornton as the ideal romantic leading man role and was surprised by the overwhelming response.

Instead, he said that he felt personally drawn to the role, as his father's family had been weavers.

He's constantly pulled between good and evil, between who he wants to be and who he actually is.

He attended Huncote Community Primary School in Huncote, Blaby District, Leicestershire and began secondary school at the local comprehensive school, Brockington College in Enderby.

He cited Thornton's dualism as drawing him to the character.

"The dichotomy between the powerful, almost monstrous, entrepreneur and this kind of vulnerable boy is exciting for me to look at." "In order to sustain the character of Guy, you have to find the conflict within him.

In this last series, his character's real name was revealed as John Bateman, who had murdered the real Lucas North shortly before North began employment with MI5.

Bateman had stolen North's identity and taken his place.

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