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In the United States, the series was shown on PBS and, briefly, BBC America.

In Australia, UKTV offered re-runs of the first three series, while BBC Entertainment provided repeats for Scandinavia.

Janet Dawkins (Emily Joyce) is a nurse at the Northolt Health Centre.

She first meets Thermoman when he rescues her from death, after she falls into the Grand Canyon whilst on holiday.

After losing his body in a poker game, George adopts the new pseudonym George Monday (James Dreyfus), who blends in to the local community by posing as a doctor at Northolt Health Centre, where he is hired by Dr. Janet introduces Monday to her friends and parents as her new lodger, however rumour soon begins to spread that she is in a relationship with Monday, and that she has murdered her husband.

In an attempt to do his best to fit in with life on earth, he creates the human alias of George Sunday.

However, due to his unfamiliarity with human life, his antics usually lead to many misunderstandings.

Three of the six series have been released on DVD; two on Region 1 DVD and one on Region 2.

George Eamonn Sunday (Ardal O'Hanlon) is an mild-mannered Irish health store shopkeeper, who is the alter ego of "Thermoman", a world-famous superhero who hails from the planet Ultron.

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