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] I believe that, just as there are shy, nerdy men, there are also shy, nerdy women, who likewise suffer from feeling unwanted, sexually invisible, or ashamed to express their desires. :) I spiked it with numerous references, so even if you fine with dating, you may find a few interesting links (I am an unabashed link hoarder). Ideally, I would send it to my younger self (say, 15-25yo - the sooner the better), so as to be spared a lot of unnecessary emotional pain, feelings of loneliness, rejection and isolation. Most people struggle with it at some point, not only nerds. At the same time, the bar is not so high - all you need is to get a bit of understanding of yourself, your body, other people and dating dynamics.But, well, I actually want to help people, so it is wiser to think about a wider (not-empty! A lot of this content might be useful for other groups (gender, sexual orientation, level of nerdiness). By putting in some conscious effort you will get ahead of most men!Winning a math competition is unlikely to make you much more sexually appealing.At the same time, overthinking and being a disembodied brain on a stick makes dating much harder.The SAR-OSL and double SAR-OSL protocols are applied on quartz of different grain sizes belonging to 9 samples extracted from a newly identified archaeological site at Bistricioara-Lutărie III on the Bistrița Valley (NE Romania).Radiocarbon ages are also obtained for the 3 uppermost cultural layers hosted in the loess-like deposit.Also, if you are on the recipient side of a nerd’s (however clumsy) courtship, I hope that you will learn a bit about his POV and be able to help him (whether it means taking command or turning him down in a clear but graceful way).

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Nerds may get it harder with interpersonal skills and their social rank, see: In short - being very picky and having a main focus other than mating makes dating hard.

Nerds have special needs, special skills and things which may work differently (honesty, emotions, touch, spontaneity, expectations of partners) - general advice rarely cuts it.

Some great minds consider this problem notoriously hard: How to help all the young male nerds I meet who suffer from [the dating] problem, in a way that passes feminist muster, and that triggers the world’s sympathy rather than outrage[?

Discrepant ages are obtained between fine (4–11 μm) and coarse (63–90 and 90–200 μm, respectively) quartz for equivalent doses higher than ∼80–100 Gy.

However, a very good agreement is achieved for the youngest sample, with an age of ∼8 ka (with a of 38 Gy for fine and 35 Gy for coarse grains, respectively).

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