Dating an adoptee

My friend is in a closed adoptee group, and while she didn’t share the discussion with me, she did share that the topic started with “you know you’re adopted when your cousin tries to seduce you saying, ‘you’re not really a blood relative'”.Many adoptees in that group had some variation on that story.You see, I don’t attach to people until I feel like it’s too late, and once I feel like it’s too late I cling onto that person for dear life.My relationships don’t seem to begin in very healthy ways either.This is especially the case when it involves teens and adults because the perpetrator or both participants are trying to hide their involvement.According to Keith Fadelici, licensed clinical social worker and the assistant director of Victims Assistance Services.

Most sexual abuse of children is by someone known to the child and parents.

Parents tend to focus on stranger danger, but the real danger is usually someone far closer.

Incest, as with all forms of abuse, is hard to detect.

However, all members of our family and extended family may not see them the same way.

They may somehow focus on the blood connection versus the heart/emotional connection. I’m not sure other than being aware of the possibility and keeping a watchful eye.

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